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Ball Mastery


Head Coach

Azri was a centre of excellence youth player for Geylang United and Tampines Rover. He made a name for himself as Singapore's champion football freestyler from 2008 - 2014.


Today he is transferring his knowledge and skills to help players develop complete ball mastery and confidence when playing football.


General Ball Mastery Notes

The Ball Mastery sessions are generally targeted at youth players. There are many football academies in Singapore and many do a great job. However, football academies are generally geared towards the formation of teams. 


Those teams then participate in match plays and tournaments. That is great and we do agree that match play is a good way to learn the game. But The Football Gym ( Ball Mastery Session) is not just another football academy.


Our primary objective is to work with the individual player and to improve that individual’s confidence with the ball. Regardless of the level of football the individual plays, our hope is for the individuals who train with us to be really comfortable with the ball at their feet. We want our players to not hide in games but to demand the ball and to be brave and creative to try to make things happen during match plays.

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