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Heart Rate Technology

Gamify your gymming experience. Connect with people.

Challenge yourself.

MyZone Heart Rate Monitor

A one-of-its-kind heart rate monitoring device, MyZone is designed for you keep track of your training progress anytime, anywhere.

  • Comfortable & convenient

  • Real-time heart rate monitoring using cloud technology

  • Dual-sensor technology

  • Waterproof & weatherproof

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MyZone Effort Point (MEP) System

We understand that effort and fitness is different for everyone. With MyZone technology, we can now reward effort fairly based on what each of us is capable of putting in.

MyZone based on Heart Rate Technology
  • Zone 1: 50-59% - 1 MEP

  • Zone 2: 60-69% - 2 MEPs

  • Zone 3: 70-79% - 3 MEPs

  • Zone 4: 80-100% - 4 MEPs

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MyZone's Instant Feedbacks

Real-time feedback allows you to track your progress anywhere, immediately - so that you give yourself tougher challenges and gain the gratification of seeing yourself evolving.

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Connect & Have Fun

MyZone turns exercising into a game by adding built-in challenges that can lead you through different stages of your training. Set new personal bests by breaking your own "high scores"!

With the MyZone app, you can also find a community of friends with whom you can share your achievements and improve together.

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Get yourself a free MyZone belt by purchasing one of our training packages.

To view our packages, click here

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