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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is The Football Gym (TFG)
    TFG is a wholly owned by WWTBF Pte Ltd - operators of The Cage. TFG is a gym that centers its delivery around the game of football. The basic idea is to deliver full body workouts using football has the platform. So, on top of football based drills, participants in TFG programmes will also be tasked with some resistance work, strength and stability exercises as well as core and mobility training. In addition, TFG also introduces fitness wearables into the mix. TFG uses the Myzone system. This enables participants to get full workout summaries after every session
  • What are the kind of programmes the TFG operates?
    There are 2 basic types of sessions that TFG conducts: a. Football Fitness: these are generally High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) based session developed around the game of Football. Generally these sessions are targeted for young adults and seniors. b. Ball Mastery: these sessions are a bit more technical where the individual will get to learn practice drills that will help develop ball confidence. Generally, these sessions are targeted for youth.
  • What kind of sessions are conducted?
    For both Football Fitness and Ball Mastery, there are 2 type of classes that can be booked into: a. Group Classes: these classes can be anything from 8 - 16 pax per class depending on the nature. There is a fixed schedule for these classes every week. b. Personal Training ( PT ): These are sessions that you can book based on your schedule. PT sessions can either be 1 Coach v 1 Trainee or 1 Coach v 2 Trainees. Every week, the coaches upload their respective schedules onto the booking system. So interested parties can book the coaches directly for a timeslot of their convenience. Note: In the Mindbody system, Personal Training classes are to be booked under the Appointment Tab
  • How do I book a session?
    All bookings of TFG classes can be done through the Mindbody website or mobile apps. Mindbody : Within the Mindbody ecosystem, search for The Football Gym in Singapore. Make us one your favourites - it’ll make it easier for further bookings.
  • What kind of bookings can you make?
    Whenever new classes or sessions are organised, these will be uploaded onto the Mindbody system. In general, these are the bookings you can make: • Trial booking - we strongly suggest 1st timers to do a trial booking. These are priced at $40 for 1 week unlimited sessions. You cannot use the Trial package to secure Personal Training session. Trails are only available for the group classes. • Single session booking - for both Ball Mastery or Football Fitness classes, the price is pegged at $25 per session. • Package bookings - Football Fitness offers are package of $80 for 4 sessions. From time to time, we will launch new special offer packages as well. Package bookings have to be consumed in 2 months.
  • How do I make payments?
    Everything is executed on the Mindbody platform. When you register your account, you will be asked to update your account with your credit card. This will be the primary way for participants to make payments for sessions or packages.
  • Can I book for more than 1 person under my account?
    Yes - that is possible. For parents to wish to book for their kids, they are able to register all their kids in their profile. So when bookings are made, the same account will be able to register more than 1 person for any class or personal training session. Operated by WWTBF Pte Ltd. 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal, S399635. Tel No: 63449345 Fax No: 63449405 Web:
  • Where can I see the list of classes or personal training sessions?
    The main place for class details will be the Mindbody system. All updates on classes, coach schedules or any new events, will all be posted there.
  • Contact
    For further queries and any other matters: Email:, Whatsapp : +65 8508 2027 Website :
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