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Football Fitness

Sofiyan Hamid

Head Coach & Founder

Sofiyan is a certified AFC A-License coach and holder of a distinction diploma in Sports And Exercise Science.


He has held senior positions like Head Youth Development at Tampines Rovers Football Club and was also the Head Coach of the National Under 15 team.


In addition to his football credentials, he is also an accomplished fitness Personal Trainer. Leaning on his combined knowledge of football and fitness, he worked with The Cage to design, develop and launch The Football Gym. He continues to operate as an executive founder to grow the business further.


General Football Fitness Notes

Each workout session is designed around football. You will be put through the paces in the 50min workout. These sessions are generally targetted at young adults and seniors. Intensity levels are high - think of them as Football HIIT sessions ( high-intensity-interval-training).

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